Flush Toilets, Not Fish

Tagline: Flush Toilets, Not Fish is about toilets, fish and domestic responsibility.

Flush Toilets, Not Fish

Mike’s Comments: When we were kids, my cousins had two goldfish named Frank Ferdue (sic) and Doo-Doo Head. Tim and I were obsessed with the point as children. Through the years, we’ve continued to talk and laugh about it. It was funny on many levels. One, because our cousins named Frank Ferdue after a Maryland local celebrity. Secondly, that they changed the last name’s first letter to an “F”, creating a half-baked alliteration. Why didn’t they just call the fish Frank Perdue? Because that name was taken? Because they were mispronouncing “Perdue”?

No one will ever know the answer to those questions. However, if an answer is to be found, it is probably to be found in the second goldfish’s name, Doo-Doo Head. This was the whammy, and what made the amusing Frank Ferdue name comedy gold and Frank Ferdue and Doo-Doo Head the Smothers Brothers of fish-comedy.

In Flush Fish, Not Toilets, Jim Ferdue’s name is, of course, inspired by Frank Ferdue. (For those not from the Eastern Shore, Jim Perdue is the son of Frank Perdue and now runs the chicken empire.) There’s no Doo-Doo Head counterpart among the fish, mainly because there is no recreating a legend. There is, however, plenty of potty talk, so Doo-Doo Head lives on in spirit.

Megan’s Comments: I would like to point out that there was a very good reason why I told Mike to flush the toilet, and why I wasn’t going anywhere near it. It should also be known that although Mike walked offscreen with a ever-so-fake look of guilt plastered on his face, he did not flush the toilet for another 15 minutes after I spoke those words.

9 thoughts on “Flush Toilets, Not Fish

  1. Another curious entry in the annals of protozoic.com.

    Mike looked like he was trying to “hold it.”

    Is it me or does Megan look like Nikki Clyne from Battlestar Galactica? Or maybe Jewel Staite from Firefly? Perhaps a contest on protozoic could settle the matter. Have her act out a scene from each series and let the fanboys decide.

    And for the record, both Frank Ferdue and Doo-Doo Head got burials at sea when they died. (Flushed down the toilet).


  2. Very often I don’t watch the movies on Protozoic right away. I tend to wait until I’ve got a bunch of free time and am mentally prepared to really absorb the psychological impact of a given piece and regurgitate some well digested ruminations after chewing it over a bit. Such was the case with this film.

    But even so, all I can say is that this one hits a little close to home. Not the toilet flushing per se, but interactions regarding the domestic responsibility in general. This work is truly a slice of life right off the top.

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