4 thoughts on “Gordon Frog

  1. Cute. I love amphibians (though truthfully newts and salamanders mostly).

    Here’s hoping Gordo rounds out a good decade and a half.

  2. I think if when we get a bigger place we’ll do a water amphibian tank. Timmy had one when we were kids. He had salamanders I think and I loved it. At the moment though, we don’t have the space…

    The dumpy frogs are great pets. I would have never known until Brian and Buff turned us on to them. As Brian says, they are really hardy. And the suckers eat like crazy. That is why they get dumpy, because in captivity they’ll eat until they get big and fat.

  3. Possibly.

    According to Brian:

    Subject: Re: Frogs
    Date: October 31, 2007 3:23:24 PM EDT

    Substrate, like jungle bedding, is kind of optional as it makes the frogs dirty and can cause death from indigestion and impaction if the frogs eat too much of it.

    So if the frogs eat too much coconut fiber (or whatever the substrate is made out of) they get constipated and croak. I’m not sure why they eat the substrate (Brian will have to answer that one), but I’d guess because it was in the way of a cricket. So a if a toenail was in the way of a cricket, they might just eat that too.

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