3 thoughts on “Boar Taint

  1. We always castrated our piglets because no one would buy the pig or the meat in WV if it wasn’t castrated—except Albert who always kept one of the piglets from each litter for himself. He’d get it up to 500+ pounds — let it bred for a season or so and then butcher it—-I had to stay away from his house when he cooked the old boar as the finished product tasted sooooo bad. We never completed the castration until AFTER our elder son “rolled” with the new born piglets. Once they healed, he’d be right back in there “rolling”—I, personally couldn’t observe any piglet depression during these “rolling” periods. Fortunately, we moved from WV before the “elder” learned about the castration process and, moe importantly, before he taught the “younger” how to “roll” .

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