With the month of September just around the corner we are rapidly approaching 3 solid years of Protozoic. We’ve held 2 Protocons (soon to be 3), posted a glut of content, made a better follow-up to The Wicker Man than Nicholas Cage and even started to collaborate with other websites like The Disability Guru. Protozoic stands as the most successful site Tim and I have ever run, namely because our friends actually read it and contribute to it. We hope it stays that way.

With the rather momentous anniversary approaching, it seemed like a good time to reevaluate and redesign the site. This redesign will attempt to streamline things a bit, and cut some extraneous stuff, but retain the charming (or off-putting) randomness of the old site. The idea isn’t really to sell out just yet, cause no one is “buying it”, but we are going to attempt to do a couple things pretty well so we might actually get ourselves an audience. Changes will continue to occur over the next couple of weeks and if you have any suggestions, be sure to mail us or leave a comment. We’d love to hear them.

2 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-anges

  1. CJ, thanks for the comment.

    I will personally miss the old hallucigenia picture, but we needed some sort of change. Hopefully, the idea is to actually move away from feeling so bloggish. The Mindlab (and all its randomness), for example, will continue to update, just not on the front page. Things that appear on the front page will be more content driven and pieces we actually put some time and effort into (articles, videos, interviews, etc.). In the end, the site won’t really be any different from before. The only thing that is different is the way the information is organized. This organization will be closer to our Chook Industries of days of yore; without the labyrinth-like company narrative.

    We are still tweaking the actual look of the site. So nothing is set in stone as of yet.

    Thanks again for the comment. It is nice to know that other people out there actually read Protozoic.

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