6 thoughts on “Thrown

  1. Beautiful park. The lighting (or contrast or something) amidst the trees was awesome.

    But shouldn’t this idyllic footage have been spoiled by a big dumb-looking anthropoid owl or bear (edit: or owlbear) barging in at the end saying, “Young person: Don’t pollute. Keep America clean!”

  2. Awh Yayh, the owlbear!

    I wasn’t even thinking that route (more like Woodsy & Smokey). But that would be the bomb.

    Man I love those old AD&D monsters. I think (aside from the dragons) my faves probably included the owlbear, displacer beast, and gelatinous cube.

    There were other critters that were cool too, but those three were not only conceptually cool but also clearly fell into the category: “WTF!? A wizard must’ve created it.”

  3. I know right? Only a wizard would come up with an owlbear.

    Actually – when I first glanced at your post, I thought you wrote “owlbear” for some reason. I wonder how hard it would be to actually make an owlbear costume.

  4. I am fascinated by your discourse. Owlbears indeed.

    I liked the movie. Very interesting scenery. Nice t-shirt.

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