State of Lacey

State of Lacey is an experimental video with a narrative, of sorts.

Unfortunately, for such a short video, the file-size is pretty big. This was due to the fact that there was a lot of visual information and I had to jack up the bitrate.

State of Lacey

9 thoughts on “State of Lacey

  1. I liked it. Made my eyes roll up into the back of my head. Now I know what a state of Lacey is all about.

  2. It makes sense to me: beautiful and intricate, but complicated, nonsensical, exhausting, and kind of annoying. You hit it right on.

  3. I know I’m the constant curmudgeon here, but I’d like this better without the subtitles.

    Lack of subtitles might be a part of the sort of traditional-avantgardesque style you were specifically trying to avoid, but Lacey strikes me as having a state that’s better just observed than discussed.

    Or, as the pithy and somewhat acerbic old addage goes: “Show, don’t tell.” (you know, unless you really fell that telling is necessary of course)

    That effect is pretty cool though so again I’ll ask the obvious question: How’d you achieve it?

  4. Dragon!

    It’s all right that you are a curmudgeon. I’m a curmudgeon myself explaining this stuff. The video was actually inspired by an idea that Megan and I talked about. And this felt the appropriate way to execute it.

    The effect was nothing special really. It was created by using 2 filters over some footage I had. The first filter I used was something called Line Art (I believe). That made everything look like a pencil drawing and become b/w. The second filter was Kaleidoscope. The real pain in the butt about the whole effect was rendering it. On top of that – every time I’d drop the text in – I’d have to re-render it. Then I ran into problems getting the bitatre right (as I already recounted in the post).

    I didn’t figure out what would make the Kaleidoscope effect pulsate though; but I’m guessing it has something to do with motion and light in the actual footage the effect(s) were put over.

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