Phallus Phish

There’s a little fishing store you can see from Route 50 on your way west, right before Kent Island. I’ve been meaning to take a picture of it for years now, but Buff got it while on her way back from a job interview. What were the designers thinking?

phallus phish

5 thoughts on “Phallus Phish

  1. Very funny, yet a bit creepy.

    I saw the phone number before reading the post and was thinking, wow – thats a local number! That place is only about 10 miles from my office, but I’ve never noticed, Dick, until now!

    Hope China is treating you well. Where is Buff interviewing for employment? C.B.F.?

  2. I’ve been wanting to get that picture ever since Brian pointed it out to me last summer. Pretty crazy huh? He mentioned sending it to Maxim for their section on “unintentionally” sexual findings- I don’t know though, this one looks pretty intentional to me.
    The interview was in Baltimore for an environmental consulting position at RK&K engineers. They’re going to call me by the end of this week to let me know if I’ve got it.

  3. Is that a fish jumping out of the water? Or an Eskimo priaprism?

    Yeah, I’d like to know who the artist was – probably one of my former students. If Loki was into graphic design for a living in Queen Annes County, this is surely something he would have created.

    Good luck, hope you hear some positive news regarding the job with RK&K.

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