The Green Machine

The Green Machine tells the story of Jonathan Morton (Matt Folker) and Cecily Fairyskate (Jen Friedman) and their adventure to save the town of Greenville. While reading the town’s paper, Jonathan and Cecily begin to suspect that a magine, a so-called “magic engine,” is behind a series of mysterious occurrences in Greenville. After journeying to Greenville to investigate, they discover that tragedy has befallen the town in the form of the Rainbow Demon and the Green Machine.

Cecily and Jonathan

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5 thoughts on “The Green Machine

  1. Just watched the movie, and enjoyed it. Based on what Mike told me he was trying to accomplish, I believe it was a success. The film quality was great and the story/plot was fairly easy to follow and make sense out of.

  2. In the world of children’s entertainment, I think it is spot-on: visually bright and lively with memorable characters and simple plot, and, most of all, fun to watch. Well done, all.

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