Protocon 2.0 Call for “Wicker Duck” Designs

Please submit your designs for “Wicker Duck” construction to (loki at protozoic dot com) or alternatively post them if you already have an account.

Protocon 2.0 will occur in early to mid-November (date to be determined).

4 thoughts on “Protocon 2.0 Call for “Wicker Duck” Designs

  1. I took out your email address so you don’t get hit with a lot of spam. I’m sure people can figure out that they need to replace the “at” with a “@” and the “dot” with a “.”. If you can’t figure out how to do it, then I just told you.

  2. Instead of putting goats and chickens and stuff in there to sacrifice you guys should put ants in there and make them fire ants.

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