The Green Machine – Rough Edit

I finished the rough edit of The Green Machine. Tim and I will now go through the movie, tweek various edits, add wipes/transitions, mix the sound and figure out what is going to happen on the intro and outro sequences.

Things are moving along.

7 thoughts on “The Green Machine – Rough Edit

  1. I can’t wait to see the film. Its going to be like Christmas in July! I am also all about having a cast party at Webb Manor. (I was in the pool this weekend, a nice 81 degrees!)

  2. Hey, I am all for the cast party “whenever”, but before we prematurely celebrate, we gotta get the movie in the can. So you two need to start bombarding BEAR w/ emails so he gets on mixing the sound and then helping me get through these next couple stages (seriously – bombard him – he doesn’t listen to me). We’ve still gotta do the intro, outro, sound FX and then think how and who we are going to get to provide music for it.

    ATM, I am having Reb over at Tactical Syntax do some crazy CG transitions to go between the various sequences. He showed me some of the prelims last night and they rocked.

  3. If you want, I can come up some weekend and help with the intro and outro. Lemme know if you still want me. I’ll bring my radio voice.

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