Boxing Day

I painted 30 boxes (part of the props for Ameviathan: The Green Machine) this weekend and I am officially very nervous. While the boxes are looking good, I keep wondering how I’m going to pull the rest of the movie off. And to be honest, I really don’t know.

Green Boxes

On a slightly unrelated note, I thought I’d plug Celtx, a freeware scriptwriting program which I have been currently using to write up the final draft of the Ameviathan: The Green Machine script. While Celtx doesn’t read your dialogue in Mac voices or do format in styles ranging from Warner Brothers to the TV show Alias like Final Draft, it also doesn’t cost $250 for Final Draft.

Celtx also comes with a bunch of other neat little perks, like reports (for organization on shooting days) and scene and character anaylsis. Of course, as freeware, the program isn’t without its bugs. For example, I’ve had some trouble backspacing and editing written text. Nonetheless, as freebies go, it gets my seal of approval and is making my script look far better than anything I could do in MSTurd.

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  1. If the movie fails to take off, you could always make a children’s TV show called “Come play with Q-bert in the basement.”

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