5 thoughts on “Serum

  1. It’s kind of unfortunate.

    Like you really want to try catching those flies with vinegar,

    But all you’ve got is this gallon of honey.

    As you raise your hands to the sky

    In rage and frustration, crying out:

    “Oh cruel fate!

    “Why couldn’t you have dealt me greater bile

    “And more angst!?”

  2. I know right? I always wanted to be Kurt Cobain dressed in flannel with dirty cheerleaders doing that strange slow motion slamdance.

    I was dealt a different hand though. I’ll always just be a cyberfunker.

  3. I’m glad you’re not the kind of poet that you always wanted to be. If you were, you would not be the kind of poet that you are. That’s the poet we all love and respect.

  4. As your mom, I’m REALLY glad that you are not that kind of poet. I would wonder forever in guilt what we had done to fill you with such alienation and venom. Wear the flannels in the outdoor tradition of the hills rather than in grunge.

    I really like Pete’s reply.

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