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Just in case anyone’s interested:

I subscribe to a couple of e-mail lists for modern-occultish/paranormal RPGs. As plot and background ideas they tend to throw around some links to the stranger and more intriguing subject matter out there. Some of it’s definitely true. Some is more speculative, theoretical, or incredible.

For my own reference I’ve started a webpage to collect some of the more interesting links brought up. Mostly it’s from the “Delta Green” and “Unknown Armies” lists, but some stuff is gleaned from other sources though (the “Camel Spiders” were referenced by Penny Arcade for example).

I’m trying to keep it updated as the information trickles in (usually once or twice a week). Those interested can find it here.

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8 thoughts on “Weird Stuff

  1. Oh, also: If you guys see any bizarre stuff let me know. If it doesn’t show up on protozoic first I’d probably like to put a link on my page.

  2. I don’t exactly what you want for wierd, but this web page I accidentally found in an image search kind of freaks me out:

    The camel spider thing is funny, like that famous one of the photoshopped cat. They’re just solpugids (sun spiders or windscorpions) and they can be found in the desert regions in the western US. I’ve kept some and they’re really cool because you can throw in a cricket and it’ll just munch the cricket with those huge jaws.

  3. Yah, the missing angels thing would fit, though it kind of makes my heart drop in my chest to see it.

    Didn’t know about the photoshopped cat thing though.

    Those buggers do have huge jaws. I was really pretty impressed by ’em. Like a couple pairs of needle nosed pliers. Imagine if they could be trained to do delicate mechanical repair jobs.

  4. Missing Angel page…a little creepy.

    Camel spider page…horrifying. I suppose it’s my fault that I looked, but I still blame you for piquing my curiosity. Now I’ll have nightmares for weeks. Thank you. Perhaps I’ll find something better you can put in its place.

  5. Hmm… sorry about that. Never realized it’d produce quite the reaction.

    I guess it’s just a measure of the differences in our temperments: I tend to think any non-parasitic arthropods are cool on general principal, but the sight of creepy babbies engenders an unpleasant mixture of pity and freaked-out-ness within my bosom.

    But by all means find something better that camel spiders. Such things are what was hoped for.

  6. When if comes to creepy stuff, how can I even compete with things like camel spiders (wtf man – I’ve never even heard of those things) and still born babies?

    I’ll just provide the soundtrack. Click here.

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