Update – Mid August 2005

I am currently waiting for Tim to print out some documents on starting a non-profit. Once he does, I’ll review them.

As for writing, I’ve started working on a number of treatments for a potential future feature length film. To date I’ve finished two of these. However, I’d like to write them all out (in treatment form that is) to get an idea of their potentials. The tentative titles are:

  • Space Cops
  • Galaxy Lords
  • Punkies
  • Kill the Poor
  • Never Trust a Dead Guy
  • Night-Mare
  • I Put a Robot Down in NJ
  • Cyber-Rad
  • Bore to the Core

7 thoughts on “Update – Mid August 2005

  1. I like “Never Trust a Dead Guy.” It makes me wonder, “Why not? Has the dead guy done something to cause me to lose trust in him? Did he do it before he died? Should I continue to distrust him even though he is dead? Is he really dead at all?” See…the possibilities are endless. Go with that one.

  2. Can you be sure he’s the same guy he was when he was alive? “Edgar suits” might come in many styles, physical and metaphysical. I agree, good title.

    Personally I like “I PUt a Robot Down in NJ”. Just cause it mixes robots with a sort of gang-land style cant (def 3). Galaxy Lords, Night-Mare, and Cyber-Rad sound good too.

    I’d avoid “Bore to the Core” though. If extant sci-fi movies have taught us nothing else they’ve at least taught that going to the center of the Earth provides a mediocre plot. Unless you’ve got something special in mind (lava bats maybe?).

  3. Along with Megan, I vote for “Never Trust a Dead Guy.” With its hard-boiled/ film noir/ Mickey Spillane sound and its endless plot possibilities, I can’t believe that it hasn’t been used already.

  4. Dragon – *Bore to the Core* might have it’s name changed, but I’m probably going to write it out anyway, at least in treatment form. I know there is a bad precedent of journey to the center of the Earth movies, but that is in part what attracted me to the idea. It is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, and really the reason why I watched the [*The Core*](http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0298814/) in the first place. Of the all the journey to the center of the Earth styled movies I’ve see, the Jules Verne adaptation of [*Journey to the Center of the Earth*](http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0052948/) (1959), directed by Harry Levin, is probably the best; but it is also pretty Disney. My favorite journey to the center of the Earth movie is the Doug McClure vehicle [*At the Earth’s Core*](http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0074157/) (1976), directed by Kevin Connor and adapted from the Edgar Rice Burrough’s novel of the same name. Hopefully *Bore to the Core*, or whatever it ultimately got named, wouldn’t be a rehash of the 3 aforementioned films, but something different. And I think things like lava-bats in it would be well in order. Actually, lava-bats probably wouldn’t have been out of place in *At the Earth’s Core*.

    DJWebb – The *Space Cops* treatment is written. It has market appeal I think.

  5. I have to concur Never Trust a Dead Guy is a great title. It conjurs so many images. I Put a Robot Down in NJ also makes one think.

    I like Bore to the Core simply because of the possible double entendre.

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