Project Update for July

The summer has been good for the film project. Though I’ve not hit anywhere near the ridiculous goal I set myself, there has been lots of motion and development. Not only are things starting to take definite shape, but I can genuinely say I’m excited. Draft one of the first Ameviathan/ Suspension Invention script, “The Boggy Boogieman”, has been written. The only thing I can really say about the script is that it loosely has to do with the Delmarva Wetlands. And hey – thanks to Megan for alerting me to a recent article from the Associated Press about the good news for those wetlands!

In addition to the first screenplay, I’ve written up to the half-way point of the second script, “The Green Machine”. This leaves only one more script to write, and then the revision of the three. After the revisions, the second phase film (or rather video) project will begin.

But there can’t be good news without bad news. The good summer has taken its toll on my finances. They have finally run dry leaving the bills piled up (like that one from the dentist).

This means: I have to go back to work. This afternoon I begin working once again at Westminster’s Choir College’s Talbott Library in a temporary capacity as the Secretary. There is a chance that my temporary employment could turn into full time employment. Time will tell.

If this is the case, I’ll want to maintain momentum on the film project. In order to do this I’m going to implement a new regimen of waking up every morning at 4 AM and continuing to write.

I don’t figure it will be too easy. But, was anything ever easy.

6 thoughts on “Project Update for July

  1. I’ll do it if you do it. I have something I should be writing too! Means really early bedtime though… during the week that is.

  2. I find if I try to keep a sleep schedual during the week and then trash it on the weekends it totally messes it up for the next week. It’s probably impractical, but I suspect it’s best to keep the same sleep schedual throughout the entire week if possible.

  3. well, you know how it is… Delaware newspapers always try to report the more relevant news.

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