The Wereto

Where to?

just don't bother me,
only traveling Weretos.
Never going home
when they know
they really should soon.
Oh I wish they'd go and
pester, Josie, Jill or Jeff
Check into the zoo at Salisbury
take up residence 
with that inconspicuous sloth.
Oh those, Weretos, Weretos,
where for out yous?
Making a ruckus at 
continental breakfast,
(that's where)
never bidding fond ados.
Always doing annoying things
like wearing out my new shoes
But really,
there's no sense in arguing
with an
"I Can't Wait!"
Cause a Wereto only knows 
one point of view...  
So pack an extra knapsack.
Hope the Stewardess doesn't ask.
The Wereto is going,
no matter when,
no matter how,
no matter what address.

3 thoughts on “The Wereto

  1. Thanks Pete. You know, you should pick up yourself a Wacom tablet (it is a computer drawing pad and stylus, what I did the picture with). Tim bought one, and I use it all the time now. It takes a little getting used to, but once you do – it is the coolest thing. People do a lot more interesting things with it than me – but hey, I never aspired to get that good at drawing. I like it more for its quick and dirty ease. It is why I think you might like it too.

    Speaking of which… I still owe you some pictures… maybe that Sewer Mage.

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