Kind Comments from the Vulture

It would seem that Protozoic has gotten a bit of press and been blessed with some kind comments from a site known as the Vulture.

Click here to read what they say. Their comments are down at the bottom of the page.

In addition to being kinda-of-local (they work out of Philly), they run a pretty cool site, Gyro Worldwide, that marries creativity with marketing savy. Be sure to check them out.

7 thoughts on “Kind Comments from the Vulture

  1. So from this am I to understand that Loki is now employed as an English Teacher? Or has that “bud” still not blossomed yet?

  2. The little quote they have from Joe Thielen is kind of interesting.

    I’ve been interested in getting the world more interested space travel for years. Sadly She Dragon has forbidden me to travel outside our planet’s atmosphere unless reliable Star Gate technology is somehow discovered.

    I’m not sure if I agree with Joe’s statement about lack of exploration being the cause of humanity turning on it’s self.

    Exploration is cool and all, but I think he overestimates the human desire to personally explore the universe. From where I sit it looks like at least the bourgeois class in North America likes their adventure seen through a TV screen or occasionally in limited duration safety-guarnteed jaunts.

    Sure, having a frontier to expand into does take some pressure off society, but the frontier it’s self isn’t always the nicest place to be, and it’s existence doesn’t negate crime, poverty, and other social ills in the more civilized areas.

    Additionally, people have fought about stuff they believe in for ages, whether it be religious or political ideals, or feelings of innate cultural superiority. The presence of a frontier has altered the nature of these conflicts, but I don’t see it having reduced them measurably.

    On the Reality TV front it might be argued that the gladitorial combat isn’t that far removed from such things. Actually I keep expecting lethal blood sports to appear on prime time. Maybe *Survivor: Papua New Guinea* where no one is kicked off the island but they don’t recieve any food either and have to draw straws over who gets eaten next.

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