The Suspension of Invention

This is the other main character from the untitled project, Jonathan Winthrop. After Winthrop’s invention shop, “The Suspension of Invention”, is burned to the ground by mysterious forces, Winthrop sets out to investigate those same unknown forces with one of his patrons, Cecily the Fairyskate. However, Winthrop doesn’t believe in the unknown forces.

The Suspension of Invention

The Suspension of Invention

It's called the suspension 
of invention because
there is no such
thing as the
Yes, I fear
it is a comprehension 
of total misapprehension;
a belief from an invisible
incongruous dimension,
because I ask, 
how can it be made,
if it fails to exist?
Inventions are 
the invented intentions 
of extremely demented
head-ghouls who work
by ghostly-dark.
And head-ghouls are
notoriously uncemented
and mixed-up!
No, no, no, trust me, 
they all are...
That's why they hang in
digging other 
people's thoughts.
Yes, I know what 
I'm talking about!
Flights of fancy 
simply can't exist, 
they never-ever will!
That's ipso facto final!
So what are we 
doing here you ask?
Why we're inventing truth!
You're not even listening...
Now why on Earth did you
just give me a kiss?

10 thoughts on “The Suspension of Invention

  1. i worry about the name of this guy…add a “taylor” in there, and you may get into trouble… the people from “home improvement” may get a bit cheesed.

  2. Dude. You know it. You know you can buy them in most grocery stores? I didn’t know this… right by the band-aids.

  3. I’ve temporarily fixed the name. It might change again, if and when I come up with something appropriate; but at least now the name won’t be conjuring unholy connections to Home Improvement, only Puritans.

  4. I lived in the town of Winthrop of a time. It was a sleepy little town (almost forgotten) wedged between the Logan Airport and the sea.

    From what I understand it was named after the Massachusetts Bay Colony’s first governor, John Winthrop, apparently one of the biggest wigs (though not Whigs) in colonial New England at the time.

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