The Untitled Project: Making Movies & The Illusion of Flight

Having giving up the life of door-to-door message sales, I’m once again hanging with the Employment Mouse. I.E., rather than planning a triumphant return to the world of work any time soon, my job is now solely focusing on making movies. This is Cecily the Fairyskate, one of the main characters from the ever evolving and yet untitled project I’ve been working on. In addition to being obsessed with bicycle modification and repair, Cecily can’t fly even though she has wings.

The Illusion of Flight

The Illusion of Flight

You just
don't know 
what you're
talking about...
Saying I 
can't fly...
Saying I 
might as well 
give up 
dreams of wide 
Big Sky...
Should I 
curl up 
and metaphorically die?
Well first off, 
Big Sky is a place
And for 
your information,
it's a 
town down 
in Montana!
And if a sky 
can be place,
Then I'll
elude your illusion
with my spoked
wheels flying
in a bicycle race!

4 thoughts on “The Untitled Project: Making Movies & The Illusion of Flight

  1. If I might riff a little on a similar theme:

    The Illusion of Groundedness

    It only looks like we’re grounded Because our feet keep touching the floor all the time.

    In truth we fly, All of us, In the vastness of space and the boundless ether. Moving under our own power Or not our own Or drifting in our own directions. Sometimes singly, Sometimes in groups.

    And I wonder sometimes: Is there some greater current to us all? Or just local brownian motion? In the midst it’s hard to tell.

  2. Nice poem yourself there buddy. I liked that you worked in Brownian motion. I’m sure Bear will like it too. I found a nice Java applet here of Brownian motion.

  3. That’s almost hypnotic. I could watch that little gray dots dance around for hours.

    Continuous naturally caotic motion has to be one of the stimuli to put people into altered states of consciousness or something.

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