7 thoughts on “Laying Electric Wires in the Ceiling and Almost Getting Electrocuted

  1. bars and chicks? what do the pictures mean?

    You still need to make a big post about your current job, because the stuff you told me at the fucking champs concert was gold.

  2. Windows w/ bars =’s jail, and the bird picture w/ the ‘s behind it =’s birds (See Dragon – I’ve changed my ways…). I’m going to do a long post about my job – or rather I’ve been planning to. I might do it this weekend.

  3. Zoog glib Loki!

    I seem to get bored pretty quickly at my current job (although it’s the least stressful of any job I’ve had so far).

    But I have no real stories to share about it. Please, O’ god of mischief and chaos: Lay on the gold!

  4. will you puh-leeeease apply for sarah’s position? you’ll still be paid poorly, but you’ll have benefits, and you probably won’t sustain any injuries worse than a paper cut.

  5. Thats Awesome

    Your job helps you create, it is your muse but you hate it.
    Thats hard man.
    Its the Romantic Image.

  6. According to She Dragon a recent survey ranks librarians as being among the most satisfied with their chosen profession.

    Just throwing that out there.

  7. loki, I’d like to see your long post about that job, being that I still suffer there daily! Oh, by the way, you could come work for us again if the door-to-door didn’t work out.

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