I Wanna Be MicroClean

I’ve been an avid user of Irish Spring for years. I used to always use the original kind. When the blue kind came out, I tried that but was dissatisfied with it, so I returned back to the green. I did move over to the Aloe kind when it became available. Sport and Icy Blast never interested me.

Why am I telling you this? I was at the store the other day, doing the shopping. On the list was “soap” and in hand was a coupon for Irish Spring. Excellent. I went to the soap aisle and picked up my box of Aloe Irish Spring and all was good. I double checked the coupon to make sure the product I picked was qualified, when lo and behold, on the face of the coupon I noticed a picture of a curious dark box with orange accents and a large “New!” plastered on it. I looked at the shelf and there it was. Irish Spring MicroClean.

Up until this point in my life, I had never realized that post-shower, I wasn’t actually 100% clean. I might be macro clean, but microscopically, I might have well just been smeared with pig shit. This thought briefly ran through my head before I put down micro-dirty Aloe soap and snatched up a case of MicroClean.

All week, I anxiously watched the dwindling nub of soap I had in the shower, waiting for the moment to open up the new bars of soap and the dawn of the MicroClean era. Today was the day.

According to the FAQ on the Irish Spring website, “Irish Spring® MicroClean™ is the first deodorant bar soap with MicroBeads that you can actually feel gently cleaning your skin.” Wow. Am I impressed. Could I feel it? You bet your ass I could feel it. I’m not quite sure “gently” is the word I use, but I could feel the scrubbing. It certainly wasn’t quite as extreme as
Lava Soap.1

All in all, I think my experience thus far with MicroClean is positive. We will see how I feel about it after I get through all 10 bars

1 Maybe Lava Soap should be called “Quantum Clean” or something. What’s smaller than “micro”? I think Lava cleans down to levels you can’t imagine if you can handle it. Think sandpaper in soap form. Not for your naughty bits.

7 thoughts on “I Wanna Be MicroClean

  1. It’s starting to sound like everything in my life relates back to BU in one way or another. Case in point:

    I use Irish Spring, the blue kind. This is not because I lurv it more than any other soap (I’d be satisfied with Ivory honestly). But A couple years ago we got all the extra free “Good Stuff” boxes they give students at the beginning of the year and each one contained a full size blue Irish Spring sample.

    Doubt I’ll be switching to micro clean any time soon either, the idea of having a layer of compost on my skin is kind of appealing in a way. Makes me feel a bit like a shambling mound or Swamp Thing.

  2. like i was trying to tell you when you first got the soap, i had a similar cleanser-concept in body wash form. manufactured by Dove, it also had the gentle exfoliants. yes indeedy, i felt much cleaner than i did with that regular soap stuff, but that cleanliness came with a price: little blue exfoliant beads all over the bottom of the tub, especially if the tub didn’t feel like draining at its fastest possible speed that day. consider yourself warned.

    and what’s with the security code? not liking the security code.

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