Lord Pervertimore

This poem was inspired by Hordak’s MD flavored poem.

Welcome to Pervertimore,
knock on my door naughty minx
and I'll beckon ye' in
to spank your fanny,
feed you Calvert's special crab cakes
and the papaya nectar
of our love lingering on the thorny worm wood -
Ca-ca-ca!  I cry at your caboose,
nooked and sploondid,
from my depraved raven roost
where I sleep nevermore
one eyed in leery lust.

Saucey are the Crab Cakes

4 thoughts on “Lord Pervertimore

  1. Ah, sweet Maryland…the Calverts, Lord Baltimore, crabs, and for a fleeting moment in history, Edgar Allan Poe. Brilliant!

  2. Well – there is some James Spader in there for sure ;). There is some Crabs too. I can’t find a good link though to any Crabs sites though… Dick? All I could find was Crabs for Christmas.

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