7 thoughts on “I’ll Be There with Bulls On

  1. Your poetry has most definitely hit its stride–no pun intended in reference to the bulls!

  2. is the bull even paying any attention at all to the cow? if he’s not, you shouldn’t have much of a problem.

  3. Now this is want I’m talkin’ BOUT!

    YOu got’sa ride them bulls (or what ever cattle) for all they’s worth.

    Might not get where you’re going. But if you do there’ll be a reckonin fo sho!

    Good job lōk. Hit the nail on the head.

  4. Megan – I think the cow has made the bull a little nervous with her divine bovine sexuality to be honest… notice how the bull is munching on the grass just staring forward into space.

    And Dragon – glad I finally got it correct 🙂

  5. why should the bull be nervous? she so obviously has the hots for him! can’t he see the little hearts coming out of her head? …although, i do think i recognize that stance… and what’s with the lightning storm?

  6. I think that heifer has a little to much make-up on for that male cow. A lady with too much make-up can bit of a turn-off for me too.

    I also find myself eating to avoid contact with certain women… and believe me it works. The more I eat the less contact I have with the opposite sex.

  7. The storm was meant to compliment the man’s coonskin hat; like the man-cow is supposed to compliment the girl-cow. “Hi there Ms. Cow. You are very pretty,” says Man-Cow between mouthfuls of nervously chewed of cud.

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