An Impossible task…

I was going over some of my MP3’s and was wondering…. can any one of the regular readers of this site (all 5 of you..) come up with a top ten listening list?

I’m not asking you to rank your all-time favorite bands, but I’d sure like to know what everyone is in to right now.

I want your top-ten. It doesn’t have to be popular. It doesn’t have to be cool. Don’t try too hard. It can be as lame and stupid as you want.

I will go first. I’ve been listening to a bunch of Jap-Girl-Punk shit at work, but this is what dominates my leisure-time. (in no particular order)

  1. Beta Band – To you alone
  2. Afghan Whigs – Rebirth of the Cool
  3. Scarface – My Block
  4. God Lives Underwater – from your mouth
  5. Kimya Dawson – the beer
  6. Lambchop – Your fucking sunny day
  7. Mos Def – Umi Says
  8. Spooks – Thing’s I’ve Seen
  9. (50 Cent and the Game) Hate it orLove it
  10. Pogues? – Bottle of Smoke
  11. (I cheated) – Outkast – Roses

There are about a dozen more songs I want to name, but this is what I find myself listening to most often. If I wanted to be hip I’d pepper my picks with bands like ‘the pebbles’ and Watusi Zombie, but alas I am lame, and I just really want to know what everyone else is listening to.

7 thoughts on “An Impossible task…

  1. I will do this up when I get home. It will basically be a list of the 10 tracks I’ve played the most from the last couple years. Mind you this counts what music I play at the bar, which doesn’t necessarily reflect my day to day listening habits.

    Most recently, I’ve been listening to the music I’ve gotten in the last couple months. I like to listen to an album over and over until its really sunk in. So in recent months, its been the new U2 album, the new Marah album, Elvis, Chuck Berry, the Ronettes, etc. Of course, in the car, its been mostly the new Social Distortion album. There is always a hefty does of Bruce thrown in for two reasons: 1) its always good and 2) anticipation of the new album.


  2. fucc…….I guess this list is what I’ve played most in the 6 months. ok, here goes, again, in no particular order.

    1. The Fucking Champs – Nebula Ball Rests in a Fantasy Claw
    2. The Fucking Champs – Flawless Victory
    3. Ratatat – 17 years
    4. Minibosses – DD Stronghold
    5. MuteCity.spc
    6. Bionic Commando – nsf track 7 (Area 6)
    7. M.U.L.E. theme
    8. Yes – South Side of the Sky
    9. Boondock Saints Soundtrack – White Rapids
    10. Steve Vai – Fire Garden Suite
    11. Police – Omegaman

    Even though I already cheated, Minibosses – Rygar should probably be up there too.

  3. No particular order, as per dick:

    1. Snow Patrol – Ways and Means
    2. My Morning Jacket – Golden
    3. Wilco – Theologians
    4. Cardigans – A Good Horse
    5. Tegan and Sarah – Walking With the Ghost
    6. Nas – Made You Look
    7. Killers – All These Things That I’ve Done
    8. Coldplay – Talk
    9. Whiskeytown – Don’t be Sad
    10. Snow Patrol – Chocolate

    I’m not even gonna’ get into the “honourable mention” list. I’d be here all night.

  4. Dick – Good call on 17 Years by Ratatat. I really like that song. My current top 10 very ‘eavy rotation list is:

    1. Blue Öyster Cult – Dominance and Submission
    2. Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights
    3. Rush – Subdivisions (I have a future post I’m working on about this song…)
    4. Boards of Canada – An Eagle in Your Mind (The other BOC; who not only do a variation on Blue Öyster Cult’s band name, but their song names too. Compare Music has the Right to Have Children‘s titles to Blue Öyster Cult’s Workshop of Telescopes‘s track titles.)
    5. Elvis Presely – Burning Love
    6. Misfits – Hatebreeders
    7. Gene Vincent – Catman
    8. Flamin’ Groovies – Brushfire
    9. Slowdive – Souvlaki Space Station
    10. LCD Soundsystem – Tribulations

    The real question though is what are everybody’s top 10 favorite Kula Shaker songs?

  5. Ok, here is mine. Looks like it’s dominated by the songs that get played at the bar…

    1. Float Away – Marah
    2. All My Life – Foo Fighters
    3. 5/4 – Gorillaz
    4. Teen Angst (What The World Needs Now) – Cracker
    5. Point Breeze – Marah
    6. Live Wire – AC/DC
    7. going away to college – Blink-182
    8. Ride On – AC/DC
    9. Be There – Ian Brown
    10. Tired Of You – Foo Fighters

    Probably the only thing that is representative of extracurricular listening is the Marah.

  6. I forgot to mention, Fiona Apple’s new album has been RULING me for the past week. Someone posted the entire thing to Sensible Erection, and I’ve been delerious with joy ever since. Simply fucking amazing.

  7. In spite of any costs involved I really have got to recommend realRaphsody music service. I’ve listened to more new stuff due to these guys in the past year than probably before in my life. There’s alot of one or two song wonders that didn’t make the list, and a bunch of nice stuff that I just don’t listen to too frequently.

    Tough to pare it down to just 10, but the list below probably contains the ones that got most frequent play in the last year.

    Also tough to point out specific albums. Since most of these are through Raphsody I tend to pick and choose the songs alot, listen to some songs on an album way too much (ie. exclusively) and others barely at all.

    In no particular order:

    1. Les Baxter – Pretty much anything the man composed.
    2. Astrud Gilberto – Astrud Gilberto’s Finest Hour album
    3. Antonio Carlos Jobim – Basically different versions of “Waters of March” (Aguas de Marco) on continuous repeat.
    4. Cake – Various songs
    5. Sleater-Kinney – Various songs
    6. Electric Light Orchestra – Various songs (10538 Overture, Mr. Blue Sky, Eldorado)
    7. Nelly Mckay – Stay Away From Me
    8. Portishead – Dummy (just Dummy, not that sucky second album)
    9. Rasputina – Various
    10. Haibane Renmei soundtrack – Really just the song Freebird ad infinitum.

    Although this list seems balanced between girl-fronted bands and others, it apparently turns out I disproportionately favor female singers these days, at least based on alot of the bands that didn’t make the cut (M.I.A., Bjork, Erin KcKeown, etc.).

    This also leaves out audio books. I’m actually starting to think of paying our Russian neighbors at (Fun fact: Brandon Fraser (of “The Mummy” fame) is actually an incredible voice actor.)

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