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As per bear’s request, I checked out the possibility of converting NSFs to Midi format, specifically the Spelunker theme for his cell phone. After quick consulting with my Minibosses friends I found there is quite a nice app for that called nsf2midi that not only does a great job of aproximating the sound from the NSFs, but also lets you tweak everything from there. For example, when converting the Spelunker theme it set a closed high-hat or something instead of a snare, but I was able to just change all that with a drop-down menu. So, if anyone needs a conversion, it looks like I’m open for business.

Get spelunker.mid here

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  1. Mute City is a race track in a futuristic racing game put out by Nintendo called F-Zero. Various editions F-Zero have been released for SNES, N64, Game Cube and Gameboy Advance. I think the SNES one is probably the best. I didn’t really like the N64 version of it, but I’ve had friends who’ve really liked it. The Game Cube version is pretty good, and I would imagine that the GBA version (which I’ve not played) is a good too, as it is just a refitting of the original game I believe.

    As for the actual song, hands down, the SNES version is one of my all time favorite Nintendo songs. I found a copy of a Midi Version of the song here. Brian would know what would be the best format to listen to the song too in though.

    Incidentally, they also made an F-Zero anime which currently airs on FOX I believe. I didn’t particularly like the cartoon myself though.

  2. Anglefire doesn’t allow direct linking to member files through non-member pages!!!??? What kind of jive is that!?

  3. You can right click, copy the link and paste to get around that angelfire thing.

    That midi version is OK. There are better versions out there, one of which I had already. Still, nothing like the .spc (i.e. original) version. It amazes me that a random futuristic racing game can put out a track like that. I mean, Pilotwings had shit-for-music. Maybe that’s why they’re not making Pilotwings anymore.

    Anyway, the .spc to .mid programs that I’ve found aren’t anything like the .nsf converters in terms of customibility (which, apparently, isn’t a real word) so any version I make is bound to be sub-par.

  4. Yes actually those midi versions aren’t really that great if you ask me. The best way to actually experience Mute City is on SPC. I just got an SPC player from here. They’ve got a couple of them, and plugins for WINAMP and other options for PCs. And here’s the entire SPC soundtrack for F-Zero.

    Finally, I found some information posted on about SPCs, players, etc. It might be helpful.

    P.S. The songs play indefinitely, unless you stop or edit them.

  5. I just found out, after wading through Japanese text, that this is a good spc to midi convertion tool. Expect some good versions of Mute City and others to come through eventually. Eventually, because Mute City has a ton of tracks to it.

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