One down, one to go…

It seems Apple computer is poised to gain a stronger foothold in the PC market. Apple has maintained only a six to ten percent share of the PC sales market over the years. That is until next week when its rumored Apple will announce its sub $500 desktop unit and new office suite (iWorks). One of consumers’ complaints about Apple was in regards to the high price for Apple hardware. The other complaint is that Apple doesn’t have nearly the amount of software titles available as Windows based PCs. Well with the new economy-based Mac selling for a rumored $450 this should quickly end the Apple over-pricing issue. After all, the cheapest economy Dell system goes for about $450 too. That economy Dell comes with an operating system and the hardware basics while the new Econo-Mac is rumored to included iWorks and iLife. iWorks would include all of your typical office programs (spreadsheet, word processor, presentation application) and iLife would include your media applications (picture/media viewer and editor and music center). The choice would be quite simple for me if I was new to the PC market – buy a Mac.

You are saying “okay” but the Mac still doesn’t run or support the same amount of program applications as a Window PC. I must say I agree with you and that this is an issue that Mac owners have struggled with overtime. Many hope Steve Jobs may be able to change this drawback for the Mac.

In the mean time keep an eye out for Apple’s new 1 GB flash iPod player that should retail inexpensively. It’s nice to know that Jobs and his bots are finally getting the message that cheaper Apple hardware and software will attract new Apple branded buyers.

–DJ “Black Big Mac” Webb

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