Fart Bomb

I’ve gotta tell you, I’m really excited about this song. It really came together quite quickly. The lyrics were written in the car in about 15 mins. and the music came together one saturday. Everything was pretty much recorded in the first or second take and BAM! Fart Bomb was born. And the results are massive.

Fart Bomb
Fart Bomb
Fart Bomb
Fart Bomb, oh Fart Bomb
From here to Hiroshima
My rear it will blast ya
Dropping the farts in a non stop fashion
So put the phone down
No one can arrest me
Even the fart cops
No law can repress me
Fart Bomb, oh my God
Fart bomb, fartagedon
Fart Bomb, it is starting, 
Fart Bomb, with my farting
My farts are meteor's in the barrier reef
That cause tidal waves 
To destroy cities
Crying children, and homeless dogs
I fart on them,
And knock shit down like lincoln logs
Fart Bomb, it is my science
Fart Bomb, Einstein and atoms
Fart Bomb, splitting shit in two
Fart Bomb, just like in Fart War II
I fart in the hinterland
I fart in my mind
I fart in winter wonderland
To plastic elves blind
But my farts do not dry out human eyes
That is the climate control 
Of the mall - yes that's a lie 
Fart Bomb, rattle and shake
Fart Bomb, for cookie bake
Fart Bomb, in a bean can
With a real long string you can fart to japan
By connecting the bean cans
And farting inside
It's like an android
It might even dream
But not of electric sheep
But of electric sheep farting
Fart Bomb, the power is yours
Fart Bomb, on the NY's poor
Fart Bomb, clear the streets
Fart Bomb, the new giuliani
Sneak attack on christmas eve
Like president George washington giving prezzies  
While the troops chow on dinte moore
The secret beef stew i brew
Will win the war
Fart Bomb, not logical
Fart Bomb, biological?
Fart Bomb, what will Congress say?
Fart Bomb, protect the USA
Fart Bomb, from rougue nations wild
Like the fartiesberg address my child
Fart bomb, it's like a nuke
Fart bomb, no morality
Fart bomb, what will we do
Fart bomb, when someone farts on you
Fart back, fart back in a fart attack
Fart Bomb man
Fart Bomb man

Fart Bomb

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  1. hi. sorry that this’s not a comment on this entry. i wanted to contact with Mike, Mike Gray. I guess he recognizes my name.. i’m writing here ‘coz his email account seems not to be working now, and i couldn’t find any other means to get him. Can you tell him to let me know how to contact him at the email address i put above? (or if you’re reading this, Mike, can you let me know your new email address?) thank you very much.

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