Burnt Cheetos and Other Varieties

Every once in a while, when you’re snacking on a bag of Cheetos, at the bottom you might find a little nugget of death. I’m not sure what causes these little guys, but they are pure evil. Brownish orange in color and denser than a normal Cheeto, the “Burnt Cheeto” tastes pretty foul. We got two of them in this bag of Cheetos Crunchy.


On a Cheeto related note, I also recently bought a bag of Cheetos Twisted. I thought I was just getting a bag of normal “puffy” Cheetos, and in a way, I did. They had the same consistency as the “puffy” Cheetos, but instead of a curl, they are cork screw shaped. The first one I ate caught me off guard, as I put the whole thing in my mouth, not realizing each one is a good 3-3.5″ long and 1-1.5″ in diameter. I almost choked on the thing. These are big honkers.

Typing this post made me realize how stupid the names “Cheetos Crunchy” and “Cheetos Twisted” are. I guess “Cheetos Puffs” kind of makes sense, but wouldn’t you much rather say “Crunchy Cheetos” or “Twisted Cheetos?”

3 thoughts on “Burnt Cheetos and Other Varieties

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  2. Well I have to disagree, maybe. I actually like the Cheetos that are a little char broiled. I do not like the really darks ones, but the ones that are just a little toastier than the originals are great. I actually wish they would bag them and sell them individually.

    PS not juts me, most of the weirdos in my family like them too.

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