Guest financial commentary from DJWebb

I think McDonald’s executives are all smoking crack up at cooperate headquarters. Why would I make such a strong statement? Well, I went to the local McDonalds and ordered a large fry and double cheeseburger with no onions. I ordered the fries to get the new Monopoly game pieces. The McDonald’s guy at the McRegister smiled and handed me a large plastic cup too and said here is drink for you. I had already paid for my purchase which only came to $2.50 or so for the fries and double cheeseburger. I am not sure why he gave me the free drink… maybe he just thought I was a nice guy who was thirsty. None the less the cup had two Monopoly game pieces on it. So between my fries and my free drink I had four Monopoly game pieces. I carefully stumbled to my car with my purchase and anxiously sat down with my game pieces. The first one I peeled was Parkplace for $1,000,000 but it requires Boardwalk to win the million dollar prize. Next I got an instant win piece for a McFlurry! Then I got one of the railroads which you need to collect all four to win a outdoor adventure vacation. Last I open my fourth game piece and won a medium breakfast value meal! Damn skippy I say! My investment of $2.50 eneded up with a 32 ounce free coke, free McFlurry, and free breakfast value meal! Then when I got home I discovered they have a internet site for the game that allows you a second chance to win a prize for each game piece you receive! I entered all four codes and cleaned up with a $20 PC Game, a ringtone, and a song download from Sony.

Okay, so you wonder what is wrong with this picture? I don’t think McDonald’s is trying to make a profit anymore. I think the management has gone batty and decided to give away all of the company’s profits through Monopoly 2.0 and its sheer kindness to its customers! This makes sense to me, as most people won’t buy McDonalds food cos it kills you… so they are forced to give the stuff away. I give McDonald’s (symbol MCD) stock a “SELL” rating for the next 30 days. I don’t claim to be an official financial planner or advisor but I have been able to predict the future in some circumstances. Good luck and invest your McDollars wisely.