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Dr. Cockulas: The Lost Treasure

Dr. Cockulas was shot over July 4th in Sutton, WV. Unfortunately, as the movie explains, we had a camera error and the footage was ruined.

The fact that the footage is nearly unwatchable did not prevent us from completing the movie and spending far too long fighting with editing software and various web compressions to make it available for public consumption in all its nasty glory.

Though it is absolutely imperceptible and totally meaningless for interested parties, Dr. Cockulas was shot on Kodak 500T V3, Fuji Reala 500D and Fuji Eterna Vivid 160T.

Download video as MP4 or OGV.

Skate Park, Athens, Ohio

This is my attempt at a skate/bike video. Really, it is also about my search for fan videos of The Sound on Youtube, my inability to find ones for certain songs and thus making my own. Problematically, I didn’t have enough footage to actually run to the end of the song… so I’m waiting for the hate mail that I cut the song short. If I get more footage at the skate park though, I’ll cut an entire video for the song.

Unfortunately, I do not have the names of the skater or the bikers, so if any of you see this, or know someone performing in the video, please let me know and I’ll fix the credits.

Skate Park

Gummi Bears

Gummi Bears was the result of the same film stock test that produced Fish Tank and The Porch. This test, unlike the two previous ones, introduces Fuji Reala 500D. The other two stocks in the short are Fuji Eterna Vivid 500T and Kodak Vision2 Expression 500T. Again, there is no color correction. To produce all the shorts, we shot 500 feet of film total. Gummi Bears was the last narrative short the tests produced.

Mike eats a gummi bear.