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Skate Park, Athens, Ohio

This is my attempt at a skate/bike video. Really, it is also about my search for fan videos of The Sound on Youtube, my inability to find ones for certain songs and thus making my own. Problematically, I didn’t have enough footage to actually run to the end of the song… so I’m waiting for the hate mail that I cut the song short. If I get more footage at the skate park though, I’ll cut an entire video for the song.

Unfortunately, I do not have the names of the skater or the bikers, so if any of you see this, or know someone performing in the video, please let me know and I’ll fix the credits.

Skate Park

Fish Tank

Fish Tank was the result of a film stock test.

There are three different stocks used in the short, Kodak Vision2 Expression 500T, Kodak Vision3 250D and Fuji Eterna 400T. Admittedly, the tests really weren’t tests because shooting conditions were never consistent. Nonetheless, for interested parties, I do think some of the qualities of each stock are discernible. I would add that there is no color correction, with the exception of the fish/hotdog close-up. Here I bumped up the whites because the shot was slightly underexposed.