Green Bird

It’s May, and time has gotten ahead of me. I’ve been doing stuff, mostly tinkering with a written story, and also planning to shoot a short film this summer. We will see how that goes.

Here is something I recorded yesterday. There is a melody I guess, though I programed it very haphazardly. The piece is more noise textures. I feel like a lot of the things I’ve recorded lately are unintentional (I say unintentional because I’m not that good to actually intentionally do this) attempts to recapture my early experiences playing Metroid on the NES.

11 thoughts on “Green Bird

  1. Hey Mike! I know this is a long shot, but I was wondering if you still had in your possession that Flying Saucer Song video that you made in 2011? It got taken off of Vimeo and I was hoping somewhere a copy existed. If you do, could you send it to me? My email is thanks!

  2. My butt hurts. Probably from eating legumes. Your song didn’t make it worse…nor better. I’m not complaining. Not to you.

  3. Lol, I guess my witchboard link was on topic with Connor’s question, but totally by coincidence. Weird.

  4. When is the Jason Bateman (@batemanjason) of livening up websites gonna come up in here and liven this shit up with his heretofore untold magic?

  5. Re: Witchboard, you liking it, MIKE. Only thing I can say is, aaah, the 80s. Sam Raimi made it so you could get studio money with the most gratuitously silly ideas, regardless of the season or the…EQUINOX.*

    *Somewhat (un)known fact…one of the female leads in Equinox died soon after filming Equinox and was actually very close friends with Stevie Nicks. Never Going Back Again…fuck your fingers.

      1. It gave me bad vibes. For real, not trying to be stupid, it has that horrible while sunny late 60s ick feeling that maybe no one else but me feels, but I don’t like it. Not into ASMR, but sunny late 60s movies in a bucolic setting with conflict make me curl up like a dead spider.

        The stop motion was cool though.

        1. The ones from 1972 don’t do me wonders, either. Though I focus on the cliff climb instead of the…the other thing.

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