4 thoughts on “McLuhan Meme

  1. David Lynch likes wine.

    That’s the answer. The tweet. The whole answer and the tweet.

    David Lynch likes wine. DEBATE ME!!!!

    1. “Sup”, thought I’d contribute a meta-meta/post-post modern, electric grape gag/meme to the esteemed collection. Listen close, as the message ripples through ST and it’s cosmic hum and massages your third eye w/neutrinos. 🙂 https://ibb.co/bgLMt4g #BurnTheWitch

      The piece was created in a signature genre that your bro would have got a real kick-out of back in school 😉 #MayTheMemesBeWithYou http://bnute.blogspot.com/2014/03/poisson-davril-april-fools-day.html

    2. (- and) oops . Tell him who knew back then “Sup?” would turn out to be such an existential question?! Plz pass on greetings to the rest of the gang.

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