H.P. Thomcraft’s Game of Pawns

The other day I realized that I never officially posted H.P. Thomcraft’s Game of Pawns. I was always very happy with the way it turned out. I mean, it took freaking yearssss to finish, but it was worth it. The 16mm film looks good and I had a lot of fun doing the sound design.

You can view production stills from the shoot here, and here’s a description, followed by the movie itself.

H.P. Thomcraft sojourns to a cloudy living room in an undisclosed location of the nether-regions/places to weave three hazy tales of mystery and murk while playing a most deadly game of death. “H.P. Thomcraft’s Game of Pawns” is the sequel to the water-logged “H.P. Thomcraft’s Box of Tales.”

H.P. Thomcraft's Game of Pawns from Mike Gray on Vimeo.

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