Dick’s Retro Gaming Center v2

You may recall that with retro 2 CRT TVs, one of which being 200 lbs, I built a custom stand for them. The end game was to get multiple vintage* consoles going to either TV, in whatever configuration desired. To do that, I had to create a mesh of cables and switches, that look something like this:

dat yellow SNES
dat yellow SNES

Note that the smaller TV only has one input, meaning that I would need a dedicated switch just for the input of that.

This Christmas, I bought myself a SNES and a Sega Genesis, each with their respective EverDrive, to complete the trifecta. Here is the result:

You never heard of BTLs, chummer?
You never heard of BTLs, chummer?

Each console has its own switch controlling which TV it directs to.

And if a console goes to the smaller TV, a 3-way switch to the side of the TV pics which one it accepts.

Here’s the result in action:

I will note, me being a cheap asshole gave me some trouble, because I bought the worst RF switches possible, so bad that they didn’t work correctly. Some had inputs that didn’t lead anywhere. Others have inputs that lead to too many outputs, regardless of the switch setting. When I cracked them open, I found amateur hour on the soldering jobs.

So, I busted out my own iron and rectified the issues. Some were so bad that I ended up creating jumpers with wire.

3 thoughts on “Dick’s Retro Gaming Center v2

  1. Uh, I don’t. I guess I could build one real quick. Off the dome….

    For NES:
    Street Fighter 2010
    Kabuki: Quantum Fighter
    Some consider Metal Gear/Metal Gear 2 to be cyberpunk.

    For SNES:

    There are plenty of dark future/fighting robots, but it’s hard to call them cyberpunk. I’m not even sure if Shatterhand would count if it wasn’t for this dope box art: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/7a/Shatterhand_cover.jpg

  2. I had no idea that there was even an Akira game; the run throughs of it on Youtube make it look really boring. Shatterhand looks pretty cool though.

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