Ninja Bachelor Party

While Kung Fury is a ton of fun, just as Alamo Drafhouse’s rediscovery of Miami Connection was a good laugh, Ninja Bachelor Party operates on a completely different level. Maybe I’m being a little nostalgic in my love for this, but the addition of Bill Hicks seals the deal. This is sublime.

Dick, thanks for shooting me this link.

5 thoughts on “Ninja Bachelor Party

  1. this was pretty good for a low-budget production (5,000 USD?!) particularly, most of the dialogue is clever all the way thru, loaded w/ a heavy dose of pop culture and faux zen/martial-arts-mysticism. the parents especially are quite funny and poke good fun at the times and at the challenges of child-rearing with humorous, folksy, PG-rated, panache– the mother with her fire/brimstone/damnation talk, the father with his not-quite-profanity “flooey” and “hulala”, and both supporting each other to talk sense into the boy. and the song lyrics as well, “can u believe it? the news today? // clarence is a ninja…and he’s here to…stay…”).

    i had never heard of bill hicks before —not that that means anything, since you (M) have a better handle on all of this than i ever did— and i watched a few minutes of his old comedy skits afterwards, which dont really, IMHO, hold up very well against the passage of time (like most stand-up comedy material, let’s face it).

    but….this short somehow keeps the edge. a welcome addition to the site.

  2. I enjoyed the dialogue too, feeling it was quite clever. Making a Kung fu spoof was also a staple for a lot of people who came of age in the 90s, at least among many of the people that I knew growing up. In might be a bit of a stretch, but it sort of feels like what the LoFi movement was to music in the same period.

    And I agree, a lot of stand-up doesn’t seem to age too well. I remember thinking Billy Connolly was insanely funny as a kid; as I got older he just struck me as quite bland and MOR.

    And then, there are people like Gallagher, who are in categories all their own, then and now…

  3. No I don’t. When I go home on the 4th, I’m going to pick up my Hi8 camera which is at my mom’s and look for that tape. If I can find it, I’ll digitize it.

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