Community Coffee – Dark Roast

I read an article about how Community Coffee was ranked the best-worst coffee by a champion barista. He ranked it over Chock full o’Nuts, which took second. While Community isn’t bad, it’s not as good as Chock full o’Nuts in my opinion. Community has a funky lingering after taste and isn’t all too cheap. Now the barista champ did try “Cafe Special” and I got the “Dark Roast,” so there is that. Chock full o’Nuts also has a better name. Not that I’d ever associate nuts with coffee, but seriously, it’s a better name.

Community Coffee - Dark Roast

4 thoughts on “Community Coffee – Dark Roast

  1. i’m likin’ that coffee mug. reminds me of some old-skool bulletin-boarding.

  2. we are way past due here on a full-monty treatment of Wang Computing and how it shaped the life and times of 9 buckhaven court back in the day. Looking forward!

  3. The 386 (I think the Wang was a 386) and the days of BBSing! I’ve gotten into a podcast over the past year put out by the Twit network, their flagship weekly show. Thom has championed them for years, but I only recently discovered it. I like their show because it’s pretty broad in terms of the topics it covers; for someone like me who uses technology a lot, but maybe doesn’t know or understand it at an intimate tech level, the show’s more journalistic approach to things is just right for me. Sometimes the host and guests talk about older days of computing. It’s not directly related to what you are talking about, but of late my mind has drifted back to these old-timey days particularly as they relate to now.

  4. Nice assessment of the two coffees and their names. I will consider this in my next purchase.

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