The James Spader Podcast 5 – “A Killer in the Family” 6.25.13

In the 5th episode of The James Spader Podcast, hosts Mike Gray and Chris Onderick of Snow Arch Films and Erik Pepple with the Wexner Center for the Arts look at the made for TV movie “A Killer in the Family” (1983) directed by Richard T. Heffron. Based on the real life Tison gang’s crime spree of 1978, the film’s credits include performances from Robert Mitchum, Eric Stoltz and Stuart Margolin, as well as a teleplay by Sue Grafton.

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3 thoughts on “The James Spader Podcast 5 – “A Killer in the Family” 6.25.13

  1. Thanks guys. I was afraid you had abandoned this project. There was still at least one technical problem that made listening difficult. The film audio got turned on during one part of your discussion and my ear automatically tunes to Spader’s voice so I missed some of your commentary. I would also gently ask that the pronouciation of the word “western” be visited. Hearing “westren” was distracting.

    Spader has gotten much better control of regional accents over the years, but he has a distictive way of putting words together that his fans call Spaderspeak that still slips into a character’s speech.

    The best part of Spader in this film can’t be presented in a podcast. When he goes eye to eye in a staredown with Mitchum’s character and wins the argument (the protracted silence in the clip you played) you see a strength in Spader that is delightful. He had chops even as a youngster. That scene alone would have earned a Jack or even Queen of spades from me for Spader’s performance.

    Will keep faith and have patience for the next podcast. Please know that I look forward to it.

  2. Dick – I know. I thought about getting Tim a Fruit Brute shirt after Erik said it.

    Melissa – Thanks for listening. We are aware of the mistake with the audio. It will either be fixed today or tomorrow. And we will continue to make more shows! Please keep checking back.

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