Dear Dr. William Grogan:

Hello, how are you, we have new news, we now have the pleasure to dedicate a new species named Downeshelea grogani, for your super work Ceratopogonidae of the world, with many happy to honor your important work in the biting midges systematic as you were the creator of the genus.

Mis mejores deseos.

HerĂ³n Huerta. Ok

A new species and new records of Downeshelea Wirth & Grogan in Neotropical Mexico (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Translation: There is yet another bug that shares my last name.

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  1. It’ll just look like gnat from a picture. I thought that PDF was the full article, which has some detailed sketches of identifying parts, but I see now that it isn’t. I was about to just upload the full article until I saw that there was some copyright restrictions explicitly stated in bold letters.

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