6 thoughts on “Roadwork

  1. And isn’t it just damn amazing that you can go to http://www.cat.com and not see some s about has-ing a cheezburger? I mean really just ***damn–that’s f-ing amazing. Really.

  2. …Mean mean stride, today’s Tom Sawyer, mean mean pride [skip a bunch]…glibber glibber glibber…glibber glibber glibber.

    Does the disjointed, crazy, stalker poster work for you or do you work for the poster? I dunno. Ask David Frum. He followed ‘the model’:

    1. become the voice of reason in a political party that millions of granola* chicks despise.

    2. ????

    3. Bag millions of granola* chicks (ie, PROFIT!).

    *disparaging connotations for character acting purposes only.

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