Protocon 4.0

Protocon 4.0 is happening this 2011, July 29, 30 and 31 in Chestertown, MD. Please type your suggestions for activities below.

Note: It should be noted that the original title and content of this post originally used ‘Protocon 4.0’. Comments however have not been update to reflect this change.

11 thoughts on “Protocon 4.0

  1. Sure, go ahead and get your little piss festival in before the big default, peons. It’s your last hurrah before the market fairly squeezes you out of the game and strong types like me fairly own everything and ignore you, as we are evolved beyond the need for ‘community’ and ’empathy.’

    Suck it.

  2. Oh gawd!!! I lost all my money last night in a bad investment!!! Dont you laugh at me you pathetic jerks!!! Im nothing now!!! Won’t somebody help me?!!?!?!?!? AAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Pete, Come to Protocon – we are all selling Forever 21 clothing and about to quit our jobs. We work 5 hours a week and make over $40K month each. We can get you in to our business model if you bring $2,000 as a down payment for your first pallet of goods.

  4. Thom:

    That sounds like a promising deal. I’ll be there…right after I return some tapes.

  5. George Lopez is looking for submissions to replace his late night talk show – Lopez Tonight on TBS. We are hopeful your group will submit a late night talk show pilot that is culturally narrow, dry, semi-humorless, yet unlike Lopez Tonight, a ratings sponge! Good luck.

  6. Mike, I think we should attempt the challenge from Juan above. We can film a 20 minute test run during Protocon. Possible show name, “Tomas Tomorrow”

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