12 thoughts on “nip chee

    1. The Kisner Council For The Furtherment of Nip Chee endorses and approves this message.

      Re: Mike – Damn right it’s a real thing. Been eating this stuff for more than a decade at least. Right up there with Captain’s Wafers.

  1. I just ran across this site and MAN are you all DORKS! I hope it makes you all feel like your lives matter and people care or something for you to put this crap online. Dragon’s Den…what’s that? A reference to Dungeons and Dragons? Yeah, that makes you all real cool and scary oooooo to pretend you are some kind of battler or magician. But enough about that it’s between you and Jesus.

    And this guy Tim posting about cheese crackers…DAMN. I bet he’s just another pasty basement dweller who sits and stuffs his face all day with those greasy cheese crackers he seems to love so much. Probably never played a sport in his life (clue in: barrel of monkeys is NOT sport, NERD!) Here’s a tip though, Timmy: Try running around the block a couple times and maybe throw a football around a little (for the first time in your life). You know how to throw a pigskin? It’s supposed to spin longways. That means imagine a line drawn between the two pointy ends. Call that the long spin bar. Can you handle that JARGON?!?! Anyway, imagine the ball spinning around the long spin bar. That’s how you THROW!

    Anyway, you all get me so worked up thinking you can go through life like this and be happy. I’m gonna follow this site and keep reminding you all of how dorky you all are and that’ll make you feel so bad you’ll probably cry and shut the site down. Sorry, that’s life kids. Sorry to be around to remind you how not awesome you all are, MUTHA ******Z!!!

  2. Curtis Armstrong for President in 2012

    “Excuse please, why do zey call you ‘Boogah’ ? “

    “[Finger up nose] I dunno.”

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