For now we see through a glass, darkly – Part 3

“A Taste of Madness!”

From the first moment I saw the splash page I was hooked. And then the story. To sum up, Super-Skrull and Skragg try to drive Mar-Vell nuts by appearing as his defeated, dead enemies. Of course, Captain Marvel (with the aid of his alter-ego, eternal sidekick Rick Jones) beat the baddies at their own game. But this only sets the stage for what was to follow – the high water mark of Captain Marvel.


(As a side note, I love Cap’s expletives. “By the Code of the Kree! By Hala! By the Great Pama!”)

Also around this time, the Mighty Man of Molecules also caught my attention. Megaton Man was a parody of all the Silver Age heroes I grew up with. And he wasn’t afraid of taking shots at the (then) current trends in comics as well, to wit:


Of course he addressed the subject of why no superhero ever rose above the rank of captain:


(Megaton Man 1-10 is now available in a hardcover reprint).

Next time: More Captain Marvel, Megaton Man, and

Border Worlds

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  1. No. But I do have a copy of BW 1-7 plus the 1-shot sequel you can borrow.

    I don’t know if the first installments which appeared as a 6-10 page feature in Megaton Man were in the MM reprint book.

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