Call for Blimp Designs

Tim has recently agreed to be in a film where he pilots a blimp. Resultantly, I’m looking for some miniature blimp designs. I’ll probably green screen the blimp, so it would be good if there was a way it could be suspended in front of the green screen. If anyone has any good designs, please post them below or email them to me.

Tim's Blimp

11 thoughts on “Call for Blimp Designs

  1. What sort of size range are you looking at here for the model?

    Also, do you need some sort of full scale mockup of the cockpit area as a stage?

    And would a Zeppelin (Led or otherwise) be ok? Or does it have to be a blimp?

    Might be able to get some idea here, though with modified execution of course:

  2. 1) Size – Something consisting of manageable materials. Not huge obviously – because I’d green screen it. It would be nice if I could green screen the cockpit area too.

    2) Stage Mockup – Yeah. That would be interesting.

    3) Zeppelin or otherwise – I wasn’t really thinking zeppelins… something blimpy or balloony…

    I also saw this one today. Check at minute 8:36.

    And yeah – Tim’s link is the inspiration.

  3. The type of blimp Tim will pilot, yes, the word is apt. Tim will also be doing other activities besides piloting, like throwing butterscotch candies to the grubby rabble beneath his mighty blimp.

    Serious – I need some boss blimp designs people.

  4. I recently came across the term “steampunk” for the first time. (Okay, give a 64.5-year-old woman a break.) Will this production be of that genre?

  5. I’d wager most of the people in my generation don’t even know what “steampunk” is. I wouldn’t feel bad about just learning it.

    That’s actually a good idea, Mike, if you hadn’t thought of it. I would look into that, guys.

  6. Haha – yeah – it is a genre that I’m really interested in. But I like what Tim says – it will be Blimppunk.

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