14 thoughts on “Number Hulk

  1. Haha, This is great. Did you have to give him a nub though? You can’t draw a creature without doing that, can you?

  2. Haha – thanks. The temptation was too great – actually I debated it.

    When I did it, I was thinking we could use it for a T-Shirt design for the next Protocon.

    Elias – It is a play on umber hulk.

  3. Generally I’m inclined to agree with Tim regarding the excessive portrayal of nubs. But in this case it’s not really an issue. Keep in mind the Hulks are arthropods, not vertebrates. That’s not a “nub”, it’s her ovipositor.

    Also, there’s a 1/40 chance that 2d20 < 6. Not the highest probability, but that 'Hulk is kind of generalizing.

  4. Haha – and I thought I was drawing a male umber hulk. I guess now the number hulk is an ironic statement on the cult of masculinity sometimes associated with RPGs.

  5. I spelled my own name wrong previously…and can you believe that, given that my name is play on the name of one of the world’s most humorous and lyrical prosists? I guess then I’m just a prosaic lyricist, minus the lyrics. Prosaic prosist, then.


  6. “While Rossini was retiring at the age of 36, womanizing and getting fat, Beethoven was living a life filled with tragedy and grandeur.”

    “So?” is Säure’s customary answer to that one. “Which would you rather do? The point is,” cutting off Gustav’s usually indignant scream, “a person feels *good* after listening to Rossini. All you feel like listening to Beethoven is going out and invading Poland. Ode to Joy indeed.”

    – Gravity’s Rainbow

  7. They used to censor “Rabbit of Seville” when Bugs was on Saturday morning TV.

    What is an umber hulk?

  8. AD&D 1st Edition Umber Hulk

    The slicker, D&D 3.5th Edition Umber Hulk

    An Umber Hulk is a powerful subterranean predator from the Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game. Umber hulks stand at 8 feet tall and possess large mandibles and huge claws capable of burrowing through solid stone. They have four eyes. The two smaller eyes provide normal vision while the two larger ones enable the creature to see in the dark. Furthermore, anyone who looks directly into the beast’s four eyes may suffer from a debilitating sense of confusion.

    Via Umberhulk.com.

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