Bumpy Nerds

mmmm nerds

I went to the store after Easter to buy some sale stuff. This is what I ended up with. I already ate one bag; this one is going to Mike at some point. They are pretty gross. Jelly beans with a hard Nerd coating.

Nerds has had some dubious spinoffs in the past, but I think this is the worst. Mike used to talk about Nerds gum balls. And I’ll never forgive my mom for not buying me Nerds cereal when I was younger.

5 thoughts on “Bumpy Nerds

  1. While I love Nerds and I love jelly beans, I don’t like the grainy feeling of the Nerds mixing in with the chewy jelly beans. The same is true of the gum balls with Nerds in the center. Some foods just shouldn’t be mixed, purely from a textural standpoint.

    Nerds are already bumpy. Shouldn’t the post be titled “Bumpy Jelly Beans?”

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