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Omni is TRUTH

“Ding Dong” probably sounds different to every ear. Maybe to Harry’s ear it sounds like, “Dear, Deer” and maybe to Sally Mae’s ear, “Doo, Doo”. Pigeons probably all hear the same “Ding, Dong” sound though, cause pigeons only have brains the size of raisins. I read that in Omni.

3 thoughts on “Omni

  1. On a similar note: Baby cries are often written as “Waaah” or something similar. But when Katherine cries it sometimes sounds more to me like “Laaah”.

    Also, I heard somewhere awhile back that cows in different areas actually have different accents to some extent, though I’ve never investigated further to find out how they differ.

    Also: I miss Omni, I used to read that crazy thing all the time in high school. Adrienne claims that during high school forensics events she would make stuff up to prove her point and attribute her references to articles in Omni magazine.

  2. I don’t even think I realized Omni was out of print. Alas, I guess it is a relic, like The Savage Sword of Conan, making my cultural references without contemporary significance. Although, the Wikipedia entry contends that Omni was sort of a pre-Wired.

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