The following advertisements are from a Life Magazine that was withdrawn from the library. I don’t know what the exact issue is, because the front page was removed.

The individual ads appealed to me for different reasons.

I’m not saying why though.

I have some more ads I’ll be posting in the next couple days.

Go-Gay Shoes

4 thoughts on “Advertisements

  1. I would have dated it to the mid-sixties; I was there and wore those shoes. Then I saw the coupon expiration date. Right on!

  2. I am amazed at how current the shades are today, but, alas, I settled for the Crystal Grey.

  3. 1) With a test machine like the “Bally Flexometer” behind it, I’m surprised this product has not stood the test of time.

    2) That chick is awesome with her mini-dress cover-up and a STICK!!!

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