Dumper and Señor Franco – Logline

In this heartwarming tale of towering scientific minds, feeder mice, garbage pails and fruity booze, Princeton University’s Professor Bob Dumper switches his mind with Señor Franco, the mouse, in an attempt to win all the Nobel Prizes. Professor Dumper’s experiment is successful, but once completed he is unable to switch his and Señor Franco’s minds back. Soon Dumper’s IQ plummets while Señor Franco’s rockets to Algernonian proportions. In an ironic twist, Señor Franco goes on to win the first Nobel Prize ever for Quantum Mouse Theory, while the now mentally deficient Dumper takes to driving a garbage route in Ewing, NJ. Animousities ensue when Señor Franco starts sleeping with Dumper’s wife, Penelope Dumper. When Penelope is killed in a game of William Tell, however, Señor Franco and Dumper’s mutual loss brings them together. The two end up taking Dumper’s garbage truck to California on a wine-tasting, whoring romp.

Dumper and Señor Franco

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