Where’s the beef?

In anticipation of my big July paycheck, I purchased a film scanner finally. As a result, I’m going to try to post a picture a day. I probably won’t hit my mark; maybe I should shoot for one a week, but that seems a bit low. Oh well.

First up, in preparation for the big bash at Thom’s house, I present to you a photo taken at the last gathering. To me, this photo fully represents gatherings at Thom’s place. In the words of Mike, “It’s a weekend of booze and meat.” I think this picture does a good job of illustrating that. I want to say the hot dogs shown here were for lunch or dinner, but it could have been breakfast…

When I go away for conferences, by about the 4th day of eating out every meal, staying out late, getting up early, and sitting in crappy talks all day, I start to feel a little disgusting inside. I feel like that at Thom’s after about 3 hours.

A general note: Feel free to click through the picture to look at other sizes. I should be providing all these pictures at a decent enough resolution to get nice looking 4×6’s out of them if you feel like downloading them. Of course I have higher res versions too. It’d be great if you wanted to leave comments as well – either here or over on Flickr.

6 thoughts on “Where’s the beef?

  1. Wow, clearly a great shot of me. Must have caught my glamor side.

    …I see why I live with Bobert.

    In response to this weekend’s party – its 100% beef and pork free. I am only having turkey dogs and BBQ chicken… and of course – CRABS. So, no worries on feeling too sluggish this weekend.

    Keep the pictures coming!

  2. Yeah Thom, I’m not saying I’m not down with it. BRING ON THE BEEF!!!!! I’m just saying there’s a lot of meat at your place. I could use some good steak – bring the steak sauce so I can ruin it.

  3. Megan here. Thom, beef is like everything else in life: delightful when taken in moderation. I think you should buy some burger fixin’s, but just enough for everyone to have one. That way, as a contrast to the poultry, the beef will be a treat, rather than the cause of gastrointenstinal meltdown.

  4. I’m with Megan here on the whole moderation thing, but I’d go a step further:

    Get some roughage dude!

    Meat is great and I love me some empty carbs, but by the end of Protozoicon last I could feel grease and ill-ease exuding from my pores. Sometimes ya just gotta clean out the system. No one likes the meat sweats.

    (‘course I can’t make it this time round, so if you guys want to gorge on amimal carkiss till the constipation makes em hafta take a pipesnake to yor gut then, hey, go for it.)

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